Cellulite is a cruel gift given to nearly all women (and some men too!) that keeps on giving. Most women begin to see the formation of those annoying cottage cheese-like bulges as early on as 25 to 35 thanks to a decrease in estrogen production. The skin condition only worsens with time.

That leaves many women seeking a way to treat their symptoms. But, why not address the structural cause instead? Cellfina does just that.

Using an advanced needle-sized device, your Cellfina specialist releases the connective bands that hold dimple-like cellulite in place. The proven approach significantly reduces the appearance of cellulite and is backed by the FDA.

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Side effects from Cellfina do not cause scarring. You may experience a scab at the puncture site similar to that of what you’d see after a simple blood draw. Markings should dissipate within just a few weeks. Other side effects may include swelling, tenderness, and minor bruising.

Treatments can be done in just 45-minutes, and most patients are able to drive themselves home and/or return to work immediately.

Results can be seen in just 3-days with continued improvement as any swelling subsides. When done by a skilled specialist, Cellfina treatments can last 3-years or more! Your Cellfina consultant will help determine if the one-time treatment is right for you.