Looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite in time for summer?

Cellfina, a new FDA-approved treatment, promises to minimize the appearance of cellulite with microneedling technology.  Cellulite is caused by thick collagen bands that push fat deposits up against the skin’s surface; by breaking up these bands, Cellfina helps relieve pressure and thus reduces the appearance of dimpling common with cellulite.

Results from Cellfina are exciting – it has a high patient satisfaction rating and only requires one treatment to see significant results.  But for how long does it last – and are any of the results permanent?

First, the good news: in clinical studies, Cellfina results have been shown to last for up to a year or more (in most cases, patients were still satisfied with their results after two years).  These results make Cellfina one of the more successful anti-cellulite treatments available today.  Additionally, many patients only require one to two treatments to see a significant reduction in cellulite.

However, like with most anti-cellulite treatments, Cellfina results are not permanent.  For example, new weight gain can form more cellulite.  Collagen bands can grow back, which can push fat deposits back up against the skin.  Clients who are determined to maintain the results of their Cellfina treatment should follow a healthy lifestyle regimen to ensure that cellulite doesn’t come back.

Here are a few additional techniques for maintaining Cellfina results:

  • Focus on fat reduction in your problem zones. When you reduce the amount of fat present in these core areas, you reduce the amount of fat that gets pushed back up against the skin’s surface.
  • Hydrate constantly. Cellulite can appear worse when you’re not properly hydrated.  If you’re not great with hydration, set reminders on your phone so you drink water throughout the day.
  • Schedule Cellfina treatments when recommended. Your Cellfina specialist can help you better understand when to schedule a new session whenever your cellulite looks like it’s going to return.

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