Cellfina is quickly becoming one of the most popular minimally invasive treatments for cellulite reduction.  It’s no surprise – just one session can minimize the appearance of cellulite dimpling, with results that can last for longer than two years, and most evidence suggests 3 years or more are likely.  Given these exciting benefits, it’s no wonder more clients in Long Beach are lining up for Cellfina treatments at Laser Skin Care Center.

Given how successful Cellfina can be at treating cellulite, many clients come into their consultations with a single question:

“Are Cellfina treatments painful?”

Cellfina treatments are surprisingly tolerable, especially considering that it’s a minimally invasive procedure.  The treatment works by using a small needle-like blade to break up the fibrous collagen bands that pull skin and fat inward to form visible cellulite dimpling depressions and shadowing will disappear.  When the tension is released on these bands, the pressure subsides.  As a result, dimpling fades, resulting in a smoother and noticeably less dimpled appearance.

To help deal with any discomfort associated with the getting and release of the fibrous bands, your Laser Skin Care Center provider will inject dilate aesthetic under the skin with little to no pain.  The procedure is relatively short; it takes about one-hour for Cellfina to be completed.

Patients can expect minor swelling and bruising immediately after treatment.  Some patients may find it uncomfortable to sit for a few days after the Cellfina procedure.  Over-the-counter pain medications can be used to manage any discomfort after the treatment.  Side effects should fade within the first week.

Cellfina results can last well upwards of two years.  To maintain results, patients should follow a healthy lifestyle, as the procedure cannot prevent the formation of additional fat or cellulite, should you gain significant weight. 

For more information about the exciting cellulite reduction benefits of Cellfina – including what to expect in terms of pain and recovery – schedule a consultation at Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach, CA today!

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