Cellulite is a common problem affecting nearly every woman at some point in her life. The dimple-like condition can show up on the thighs and buttocks as early as our 20’s or 30’s.

While there are many treatments available to help allieviate bothersome symptoms, Cellfina is one of the only procedures designed to address the root cause. The minimally-invasive treatment offers women the chance to be cellulite-free for the long haul.

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Cellfina is done in-office under local anesthetic. Patients can often be in and out of their appointment within 1-2 hours. During treatment, your specialist will use the advanced microblade device to cut the connective bands that pulls skin in and makes surrounding fat bulge.

Most patients tolerate the procedure very well. In fact, many are able to drive themselves home afterward. You may have minimal side effects such as swelling, bruising, and/or discomfort for 1-2 weeks.

Cellfina is designed as a one-time procedure. Many women only need one treatment in their lifetime unless the formation of new cellulite becomes a problem. The procedure has a high satisfaction rate among women of all ages and lifestyles.