Cellulite is a bothersome condition that many women feel self-conscious about. Happily, Cellfina® is here to help. The non-surgical procedure reduces the appearance of unwanted cellulite on the hips, thighs, and buttocks with a quick, in-office visit.

During treatment, your skin care specialist will apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area. Afterward, a tiny needle-like device is used to release the connective bands that hold in bulges of fat one at a time. Most women tolerate the procedure very well and report only minor discomfort.

In most cases, Cellfina® treatments can be done in about 45-minutes. You should plan to be in-office anywhere from 1.5-2 hours including check-in, the application of a numbing cream, and the procedure itself.

There is no downtime needed with Cellfina®. Side effects are minimal but can include seepage, tenderness, swelling and/or bruising. In fact, many women opt to drive themselves home immediately following their one-time appointment.

Treatment times can vary from woman to woman. Your procedure may be shorter or longer based on the severity of your condition, the treatment area, and the number of dimples being removed.

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