Cellulite is an annoying problem that affects the majority of women at some point in their lives. Although cellulite is an incredibly common occurrence, many women feel self-conscious or embarrassed by cellulite on their thighs or buttocks. Women who are bothered by dimple-like cellulite can now treat the root cause with a simple non-surgical treatment called Cellfina.

woman sitting on the ground

One-time Cellfina treatments can take as little as 1 hour depending on the number of dimples being corrected. Your Cellfina technician will apply a numbing cream beforehand to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible. A tiny needle hole is used to allow the Cellfina device to cut the connective bands that are holding the dimple in place.

Most patients can see results from their treatment in approximately 72 hours. Cellfina is a long-lasting procedure with a high satisfaction rate even after 3+ years. The majority of women who undergo Cellfina treatments only have one in their lifetime. However, as new cellulite forms, maintenance treatments can be performed.

Common side effects from Cellfina treatments include slight swelling and bruising. For a faster recovery time, your doctor will suggest that you wear a compression garment for several weeks after your treatment.

After your Cellfina treatment, discomfort should be minimum. Many patients even opt to drive themselves home. You should take it easy for 24-hours post-procedure but im most cases you can return to work the very next day.

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