Nearly 85% of women over the age of 20 have at least some visible signs of cellulite. Unfortunately, the majority of cellulite treatments are designed to correct the symptoms associated with the pesky cosmetic concern. However, there’s one minimally-invasive procedure aimed at fixing the underlying cause of cellulite. It’s called Cellfina, and it’s changing the way women see themselves.

There is no cookie-cutter age for the best time to get the FDA-cleared Cellfina treatment. Some women get the one-time treatment as young as 20 while others wait until their 60s. If you are bothered by dimple-like cellulite on your thighs or buttocks, you may be a good candidate for the treatment.

Cellfina treatments have a high satisfaction for up to 3-years, and in many cases longer. In fact, most women only have one Cellfina procedure done in their lifetime. If bothersome cellulite continues to form with age or weight gain, maintenance treatments may be needed.

The best way to determine if Cellfina is right for you is through an in-person consultation. Your Cellfina specialist will complete an evaluation and talk to you about your end-goals. Together, you can create a personalized treatment plan that suits your individual needs. Cellfina can give you the confidence you need to live the life you want worry-free from unsightly cellulite.

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